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Outsource business valuations for as low as US$650 per report.

Are you a Real Estate Firm, Business Brokerage or professional firm looking to outsource your client's valuations to an expert appraiser? You've come to the right place.

Kairos Business Advisory offers White Label Business Valuations to professionals and firms who occasionally need to appraise a small business in order to price a transaction. Often, our clients are professional firms or individuals with clients who want to sell their business or buy one and need an arms-length Fair Market Value of the company.

The business for sale market is changing often and theoretical biased valuations is often not appropriate for the current conditions. Get someone who is intimately knowledgeable in all aspects of the business sale markets and you get a Fair Market Value opinion that is practical. When an Opinion of Value is performed, we look at financial models (DCF), historical precedents, current economic climate, competitive listings, credit/financing markets, and business specific value drivers to form an opinion of the FMV.

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Daniel Tan

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Daniel has close to 20 years of business valuation, M&A, startup capital funding, and in-business management experience.


He has been involved in dozens of deals from $500K to $19M and worked on various aspects of M&A from valuations, capital funding and financing, and strategic management. Having completed hundreds of business valuations, Daniel is best positioned to determine the value of your business.

His specific experience in small business transactions sets him apart and this expertise is now available to you with a simple click below.


  1. An in-depth study of financial statements by an expert in small business valuation and transactions.

  2. An in-depth study of the industry and unique business situation to determine the value drivers of the business.

  3. Re-casting/Normalizing of 5 years of Income Statements to determine the true operating income of the business.

  4. A comparative study of business cash flows to benchmarks.

  5. Enterprise valuation using 3 different methodologies. 2 income and historical comparative.

  6. Reports professionally prepared using industry best valuation practices, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and conform to IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 standards.

  7. A concise report of 20 pages or less without non-essential or distracting technical fluff that your client can actually understand.

  8. A complete Opinion of Value report with your name, firm name, and logo within 7 business days of receiving all relevant information and answers.


Customizations from the standard form are available depending on the volume of reports needed per month or at an extra fee. Here are options available:

  1. Inclusion of data pull and analysis from recent transactions database.

  2. Changing standard valuation methods or additional models.

  3. Addition of your own disclaimer, letter, etc. No charge.

  4. Addition of any industry or business specific analysis based on your requirements.

  5. Detailed calculation of WACC using reverse down public company data - Weighted Average Cost of Capital for discount rate used in Discounted Cash Flow Model.

  6. Addition of detailed Financial Corkscrew Cash Flow projection model with debt and/or seller financing. Used when buyer is intending to determine what financing and term length is required based on cash down at close.

  7. Any other customizations upon request.

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