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Business sale advice that tip the scales in your favor.

Bespoke Small Business Sale Advisory

Selling a business is not hard. You find a buyer, negotiate, then bring in the legal and accounting to close the deal. 

However, selling a business for the highest possible price to a suitable buyer, with the right deal structure, paying the least professional fees, and optimizing net cash proceeds will likely be unrealized without expert advice. 

As with most things in life, everything looks easy at 35,000 feet. At ground level, numerous nuances at each crossroad require an informed decision. A single suboptimal decision could cause you to miss out on thousands of dollars or more. 

What does an example of transaction optimization look like in real life? One way we accomplish it for small businesses is by optimizing their working capital structure. Optimizing a company's working capital could potentially unlock as high as 10-20% of total enterprise value over 90 days. 

At Kairos Business Advisory, we have adapted M&A optimization techniques used in multi-million/billion dollar deals for small business transactions. This means just a single input from us could make all the difference for you. 

We partner with business owners who prefer to DIY their business sale and supplement their efforts with our bespoke advisory service. Kairos does not offer full service business brokerage.


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