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Refund Policy

90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Our Business Seller Pro is the most comprehensive and practical guide available to business owners to sell their own business.

Only the Business Seller Pro is eligible for the 90 day money back guarantee. Services, individual templates and docs are not eligible and considered rendered once ordered. 

We want to ensure that you have enough time to be familiar with the material and try it out for yourself. We are confident that when you follow the process we suggested, you will be ahead of other business owners who tried to DIY. In the unlikely event that it did not work out for you, consider booking a time with our consulting to set you in the right direction. However, we understand that things may not work out and you want a refund. In order to be eligible for a refund:

1.    It must be at least 90 days from the day of purchase.
2.    You must have read all the information provided in the package.
3.    All templates must have been used and filled out. 
4.    You must have paid for and advertised your business for sale for 2 months or more.

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