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Business Seller Pro is a complete business selling system on how to sell a business on your own. It is designed to be easy to follow and based on actual processes experts in industry use. 

Get this package today to give yourself the potential for a maximized outcome from your business sale. It will help you to:


  • Sell for a higher price.

  • Save money on some professional fees and avoid mistakes.

  • Minimize chances of damage to your business using improper processes.

What Is Included?

The best valued item we have on this site is right here and backed by our money back guarantee! Decades of professional business sale and acquisition experience is wrapped up in an easy to understand, straight to the point with no fluff comprehensive guide. 


Step by Step Easy To Follow Guide Through 8 Stages of a Sale:

  1. Business Valuation

  2. Pre-Listing Preparation

  3. Listing & Marketing the Business

  4. Managing Buyer Inquiries for confidentiality

  5. Handling Offers & Counteroffers

  6. Surviving Buyer Due Diligence

  7. Properly "Negotiating" The Purchase Agreement

  8. Preparing for Closing Day and After. 


Money saving and sale price maximizing pro tips you learn:


  • No need to read a 400 page text book. This infokit is designed to be most efficient with a 43 page guide, templates with instructions, checklists, and auto-calculating Excel for valuation.

  • What you will learn:

    • Info throttling. How much to give and when?

    • How to identify serious buyers?

    • How to determine if buyer cannot finance the purchase early?

    • Minimize lawyer costs.

    • Properly normalize your profits to increase sale value.

    • How to help your buyer bridge a 10-20% financing gap without decreasing money paid to you at close.

    • Real world actionable instructions compacted into a time saving reading and template format. No 400 page textbooks with all theory and no practical.

    • All the above and more for the cost of about 1 hour with a business lawyer. You will also likely save hours more of legal and accounting fees.

    • And much more...

Documents & Templates Included

Get The Unfair Advantage.jpg

Get The Unfair Advantage (eGuide)

You do not have the time to read a 350 page textbook on how to sell a business. This eBook is the most concise guide written and it teaches you step by step over all the stages of a business sale. 

Includes bonus material on how to raise additional capital without using banks.

More Details

Valuation Multiples

A list of valuation multiples for over 150 industries that are based on thousands of transactions over decades. Take the guesswork out of determining the estimated value of your business from yourself or your accountant.


Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

An NDA template specifically designed for business buyers. Includes language to prevent and protect buyers from making unwanted contacts with employees, suppliers, customers, without your consent.

The eBook also includes tips to ensure your NDA is legally enforceable.


Offer To Purchase Template

Get a properly drafted OPT template specifically for small business transactions you can provide potential buyers. By doing so, you save yourself hundreds or even thousands in lawyer billings from having them review from scratch each time you receive an offer.

75 Point Checklist.jpg

75 Point Business Sale Checklist

Never second guess what to do next. Every step of a typical business sale is in this checklist. Just go down the list and be stress free.

Includes bonus Pro Tips that could potentially save you thousands.


Information Memorandum

An Information Memorandum is a detailed prospectus or brochure of your business that is provided to potential buyers after they sign an NDA. Sophisticated buyers do not have time to wait for you to get information back to them. Have it all professionally presented with this template and open up the sale potential of your business to more sophisticated buyers or investors who may pay a premium.

Blind Listing Template.jpg

Business For Sale Listing Template

Every business sale is and should be made confidential. You do not want customers, staff, or suppliers to know that you are trying to sell your business until the day after closing day. This listing template and the accompanying eBook guides you through what you should and should not put in public listing websites.

business survey.jpg

Business Survey

Most buyers ask similar questions. This template guide will ensure that you have prepared all the answers and details about your business beforehand and save you time when dealing with buyer questions. A business sale process is less time consuming when you are prepared.


Due Diligence Prep

A lot of deals go off the rails when buyers find certain legal, regulatory or business compliance amiss during buyside due diligence. Some may even be as simple as an old lien on an asset the equipment leasing company forgot to remove years ago. You and your buyer have agreed on price and terms, do not let correctable mistakes when done beforehand make the deal fall through.

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