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Find Everything You Need to DIY here.

We get it. You want to do it yourself at the lowest cost possible. 

Kairos eAdvisory is not here to tell you, you can't. You can and we still want to help!

We reveal all our secrets to successful transactions below for pennies on the dollar it cost for us from industry leading education and experience.

You will find below templates and infokits that we use ourselves for small business deals. The most value is found with our comprehensive Business Seller Pro Infokit.

Show Me The Best Value

Templates, Guides & Data

Business Seller Pro

Business Seller Pro is a complete infokit that will let you DIY sell your own business while equipping you with processes, easy to understand technical knowledge, and secret strategies professionals use for successful transactions. 

As a bonus, you even get the secret sauce that private equity use to access more capital. Just in case your buyer comes up short. What's it worth to you to save a deal?

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