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The average person leaves money on the table when they sell their business but you don't have to. I help clients in the US & Canada to get up to 50% more cash than average when they sell their business.




Here's How Its Done

The average business is sold as a multiple of income (SDE or EBITDA). So if your business made a profit of $500,000 a year and was worth 3X multiple, it would be valued at $1.5M.

Included in the $1.5M would be every operational asset required to generate that income such as equipment, many times working capital, and others.

  1. I will optimize your working capital by reducing your receivables, optimizing inventory financing and payables.

  2. If you own expensive equipment that can last years, i would financially engineer the capital structure to allow you to pull out it's cash value using a specific type of financing that minimally impacts your business valuation but gives you a significant positive net gain on cash when you sell the business.

  3. I can also optionally look into other areas of your business to optimize your exit equity that other business sale professionals will overlook. 

Why Us?

I am not your average business sale advisor or broker. 


My experience in private equity transactions means that advanced financial techniques such as exit equity optimizations can be used in your small business sale to ensure you get the more cash proceeds into your pocket.

Here's what's different:

  • Few in the industry in transactions less than $50-100M know how to optimize to get you more cash than valuation. I offer this for small to medium businesses.

  • Use industry best business sale process to reach serious buyers.

  • Have access to alternative financing to help bridge deals stuck in financing gap.

  • Work by retainer not commissions so you get to keep more of the fruits of hard work.


Daniel Tan - Kairos Business Advisory

Daniel W Tan

Daniel holds close to two decades of experience in business valuation, M&A, startup &  capital funding, and business management.


​He has been involved in both small and large deals ranging from $500,000 to $225 million and worked on various aspects of M&A from valuations, capital funding and financing, and strategic management & optimizations. Having worked on hundreds of business valuations and M&A deals, the best of Daniel's experience is offered to you through Kairos Business Advisory.

When not at his desk, enjoys mountain biking, skiing and is a regular at world class Whistler Mountain both in winter and summer. 

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