Business Valuation For Sale Or Acquisitions

Our reports determine your business fair market value, what should be included in your asking price (equipment, receivables, inventory), and most uniquely, standard reports include what optimizations you can do to get as much as 50% more when you sell.


20 Years Experience


Valuation Expert


Optimization Expert



We understand your most important needs as a business seller.

1. Help to determine a market price and know assets/liabilities should be included in the sale and are extra. 

2. Get the most cash as possible when you sell the business through optimizations.


Our accurate fair market valuations are done with industry standard methodologies with a close ear to market pulse. With a FMV in mind, you can better defend your asking price with buyers.

As an industry first, our standard report also includes financial optimization recommendations. Optimizations are financial efficiency techniques used by some private equity and investment professionals to free up as much as tens or hundreds of thousands in cash from a business. This cash can then be withdrawn prior to a sale.


While cash available varies from business to business, some business owners can get as much as 50% over valuation when they exit. This means that if a business sold for fair market value of $500,000, a business owner could potentially get as much as $750,000 in pre-tax proceeds an extra $250,000.

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Clients who want to sell their business and needs a basic but essential opinion of value to price their listing.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 2 valuation methods.

  • Determine opinion of value for suggested list price.




Standard opinion of value plus business optimization report to show areas of potential cash to unlock.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 3 valuation methods.

  • Determine opinion of value for suggested list price.

  • Business Optimization Report.




Comprehensive valuation for most assurance inclusive of business optimization report and comparables data.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 4 valuation methods.

  • Determine opinion of value for suggested list price.

  • Optimization Report with implementation guide.

  • Similar company transaction data (comparables) for accuracy and defensibility.

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Two decades of expertise on fair market valuations, Small & Medium Business Transactions, business & financial analysis.


Scope of Work Performed

  • Review and analysis of financial records and performance

  • Normalization, review, and analysis of owner benefits

  • Analysis of industry and current economic information

  • Review of balance sheet and assets on its impact to enterprise value

  • Review and analysis of value drivers for the business

  • Review and recommend typical sale terms and structure based on industry (asset or share sale, and include/exclude receivables, inventory, or equipment, etc). 

  • Review of factors affecting commercial goodwill.

  • Concluding the fair market value of the business to determine most probably selling price.


Scope of Work Performed

(Included in Standard and Premium Reports)

  • Review of working capital efficiency for receivables, payables, and inventory.​

  • Financial efficiency review of capital assets: equipment, plant, vehicles.

  • Recommendations for efficiency implementation and potential cash that can be withdrawn.

  • Calculation and recommendation for most optimal efficiency changes to get the most cash selling the business.