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Selling your business? Get a proper fair market value from people that actually have experience selling/acquiring them. Plus we are also able to show you how to sell for more.


We work with Businesses in US, Canada, & the UK.


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Valuation Service For Business Sellers

  1. Get a fair market value from people that actually have experience buying/selling businesses.

  2. Know which items on your balance sheet should or should not be included in the sale.

  3. We normalize/recast your business income by adding back owner benefits (discretionary expenses like personal vehicle, etc).

  4. Get a free business sale guide, checklist, and templates like offer letters, NDAs, with our valuation packages.

  5. Option to upgrade to an optimization package where we determine your standard fair market value and then identify areas of financial optimizations that could unlock as much as 50% more in cash when you sell.

Valuation Reports



Clients who want to sell their business and needs a basic but essential fair market value to price their listing.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 2 valuation methods.

  • 3 business days from receipt of all required information.

  • FREE - Business Seller Package. Includes guide, checklists, & legal templates.

* Price in US Dollars



Comprehensive valuation for most assurance and transaction comparables data pull.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 3 valuation methods.

  • 7 business days from receipt of all required information.

  • FREE - Business Seller Package + 2 hr business sale coaching.

* Price in US Dollars



Comprehensive valuation for most assurance inclusive of business optimization report and comparables data pull.

  • All of Standard plus:

  • 4 valuation methods.

  • 10 business days from receipt of all required information.

  • Optimization Report.

  • Similar company transaction data (comparables) for accuracy and defensibility.

* Price in US Dollars






Discounted Cash Flow Model  |  Capitalization of Earnings  |  Discretionary Earnings Multiple  |  Historical Multiple Basis  |  SME Transaction Analysis  |  Reverse Public Company Analysis  |  Merger & Acquisition Analysis  |  Capitalized Excess Earnings  |  Asset Accumulation


Scope of Work Summary

  • Review and analysis of financial records and performance

  • Normalization, review, and analysis of owner benefits

  • Analysis of industry and current economic information

  • Review of balance sheet and assets on its impact to enterprise value

  • Review and analysis of value drivers for the business

  • Review and recommend typical sale terms and structure based on industry (asset or share sale, and include/exclude receivables, inventory, or equipment, etc). 

  • Review of factors affecting commercial goodwill.

  • Concluding the fair market value of the business to determine most probably selling price.


Scope of Work Summary

  • Review of working capital efficiency for receivables, payables, and inventory.​

  • Financial efficiency review of capital assets: equipment, plant, vehicles.

  • Recommendations for efficiency implementation and potential cash that can be withdrawn.

  • Calculation and recommendation for most optimal efficiency changes to get the most cash selling the business.


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Daniel Tan

Daniel has 20 years of experience in business valuations, M&A transactions, financial and operational optimizations, startups & capital funding since graduating from a top Canadian business school in 2003. He has worked on dozens of deals from hundreds of thousands to sub $20 million as both VP Acquisitions in Private Equity and M&A advisor. He understands the value of a business with it's interplay with market sentiment, buyer type, credit and capital markets, deal structure, and market dynamics. He aims to provide a real world assessment on the value of your business.

Scope of Expertise

Business Valuations (Small business, SME, Mid Market)  |  M&A Transaction Advisory  |  Financial & Risk Analysis  |  Business/Financial Optimizations  |  Financial & Management Accounting  |  Financial & Cash Flow Modeling  |  Acquisition Financing  |  Debt & Working Capital Optimizations

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