You Worked Hard To Build Your Business. Value It Accurately, Then Find Out How To Sell For More.

Get our one-of-a-kind business valuation that includes financial optimization recommendations that can unlock up to 50% more value in your business.

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Accurate Fair Market Value

Theoretical valuations don't sell businesses, market valuations do. That's us.


Value Maximization

Inclusive is a summary report that identifies areas of optimizations.


Free Business Sale Kit

Receive a free business sale checklist to guide you from start to finish.


You are looking to get the most cash into your pocket when you sell your business.


First, you need an accurate fair market valuation done with industry best practices to guide your asking price. Without one you will not get the attention of serious buyers.

Second, most small business owners sell the business only for the fair market value. Up to 50% additional cash could be left on the table. 

It is possible to sell your business for its fair market value PLUS up to 50% more through financial optimizations. This means that you could get as much as1.5X your business value in cash proceeds when you sell. 

We will identify areas of financial optimization with techniques used by private equity in large Merger and Acquisition deals. This frees up additional capital (cash) that most brokers or accountants are unaware of.

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Clients who want to sell their business and needs a basic but essential opinion of value to price their listing.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 1 valuation methods.

  • Share or Asset Sale.

  • Determine opinion of value for suggested list price.




Standard opinion of value plus business optimization report to show areas of potential cash to unlock.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 3 valuation methods.

  • Balance sheet review (what should transfer to buyer).

  • Share or Asset Sale.

  • Determine opinion of value for suggested list price.

  • Business Optimization Report.




Comprehensive valuation for most assurance inclusive of business optimization report and comparables data.

  • Recasting/Normalization of income (SDE/EBITDA).

  • 4 valuation methods.

  • Balance sheet review (what should transfer to buyer).

  • Share or Asset Sale.

  • Determine opinion of value for suggested list price.

  • Detailed Business Optimization Report with recommendations.

  • Similar company transaction data (comparables) for accuracy and defensibility.

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Valuation Methodologies

Discounted Cash Flow Model  |  Capitalization of Earnings  |  Discretionary Earnings Multiple  |  Historical Multiple Basis  |  SME Transaction Analysis  |  Reverse Public Company Analysis  |  Merger & Acquisition Analysis  |  Capitalized Excess Earnings  |  Asset Accumulation

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Two decades of expertise on fair market valuations, Small & Medium Business Transactions, business & financial analysis.


What purposes can I use this valuation for? - Business sales and acquisitions - Business and real estate agents - Shareholder/partner buyout - Management buyout - Private family estate gifting - Strategic planning - Fairness opinion for related party transactions - Corporate subsidiary sale or acquisitions

I am going to use a broker to sell my business. Will the broker do the valuation? Some brokers charge for valuations and some do it for free. Our valuations are different because we will use optimization techniques used in large M&A deals to enable you to get more cash out in total than the selling price of your business. We also offer piecemean transaction advisory in case you decide to sell yourself but still want expert guidance. Inquire not to find out more.

How much is your valuation report? We have different tiered reports for a broad range of needs ranging from $595 to over $2,500. Get in touch with us to discuss what you need.

What is the process? We will start with a no obligation chat to determine what your needs are. Once we have been engaged, we will ask for your financials or tax returns. Upon a short review, you will receive a questionaire to help fill in the gaps about your business. Once we have all the information, you will get your report between 5 to 10 business days.

Why is your valuations cheaper than certified valuations? Most of the methodologies we use are the same or similar to the ones used for certified valuations. Depending on the valuation package, we also offer past transaction data of similar companies and adjust your business value accordingly. The difference is certified valuations are done by certified business valuators and their reports can be used officially in court and other official purposes. They will go to great lengths to find that last dollar of value. Our valuations are best used for business sale transactions where negotiations can fluctuate up to 10% in an arms length transaction. So we take less time to fid that last thousand dollar which is irrelevent in sale transactions saving you more money upfront.