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Affordable, accurate, and defendable expert business valuations from a valuator with deep market insights.


No one "guesstimates" their home value but rely on an expert home appraiser, so why ballpark your business value? 

Whether you are selling your business to a third party or need to know what it is worth for a transaction, ballparking it could leave tens of thousands or more on the table. 

A lot more than just picking a multiple goes into valuing a business. You also need to know what should be included in the asking price: inventory, accounts receivable, cash, working capital, fixed assets, debt. Every industry and business size will have its norms for what should be included or not in the enterprise vaule.

We use 3 appropriate valuation methodologies out of 10 valuation methods to determine the fair market value of your business and advise on which assets are inclusive. Using 3 methodologies ensures you do not get a skewed value due to methodology bias.

Get a valuation you can depend on and defend your asking price.

Who is this valuation for?

  • Business sales and acquisitions

  • Business and real estate agents

  • Shareholder/partner buyout

  • Management buyout

  • Private family estate gifting

  • Strategic planning

  • Fairness opinion for related party transactions

  • Corporate subsidiary sale or acquisitions

What is the scope of work performed?

  • Review and analysis of financial records and performance

  • Normalization, review, and analysis of owner benefits

  • Analysis of industry and current economic information

  • Review of balance sheet and assets on its impact to enterprise value

  • Review and analysis of value drivers for the business

  • Review and report of typical sale terms and structure based on industry. e.g. retail 1.5X SDE plus inventory, IT services 2.5X inclusive of working capital, transport 1-2X SDE plus value of trucks.

  • Review of factors affecting commercial goodwill.

  • Concluding the fair market value of the business.





Discounted Cash Flow Model  |  Capitalization of Earnings  |  Discretionary Earnings Multiple  |  Historical Multiple Basis  |  SME Transaction Analysis  |  Reverse Public Company Analysis  |  Merger & Acquisition Analysis  |  Capitalized Excess Earnings  |  Asset Accumulation

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Two decades of expertise on fair market valuations, Small & Medium Business Transactions, business & financial analysis.

How to get started?

  1. Choose the preferred report below and complete transaction request .

  2. You will be contacted and receive a request for the financial statements or tax returns. 
    * We maintain a strict confidentiality and privacy of company financials as well as owner intent.


  3. Upon assessment of the financials, you will receive a questionnaire about your business and financials needed to complete the report. These include discretionary expenses.

  4. Once all the information requested has been received, valuation work begins and you will receive your report within 5-7 business days.

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Quotes are based on companies with revenue of less than $2 million. Please fill in contact form if your company has more than $2 million revenues for a quick review of scope of work. 

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