Start your business ownership aspirations now, even if you lack the capital.



What are the reasons holding you back from buying a business? Can't get the financing or afraid to get into debt? Can you actually buy a business without using your own money?

Statistics show that 91% of potential buyers never buy a business. The most common and biggest challenge is always finding the down payment and financing the transaction.


Learn to repurpose an ABL loan and acquire a business without using your money.

SAVE $$$

Save thousands in early stage professional fees with document templates, financial calculators, and guide.


Get VIP discount access to my deal team if you need help. You won't be alone.

Here's How To Get Started.

The smart money techniques revealed and taught is so incredible in value, it is painful for entrepreneurs like yourself not to get it today.

Here's how you can get started. I understand some of you would want to ease in to things. Dip your toes first with the Mini-Guide to see how its done. 

The best value, however, is The System where you will be equipped with all the tools and knowledge needed to start your journey toward financial freedom.




Digital Mini-Guide 

Not sure yet? Start with this mini-guide. Learn in detail all 3 acquisition methods including examples. Includes pro tips that can save you thousands in professional fees.






The System: 

Everything you need to start acquiring businesses without using your own capital. Includes the mini-guide, Templates, Financial Models, Checklist.




What You Get

Offer #1 - Mini-Guide

Knowledge is power. You know that. Get a head start with powerful smart money deal techniques that will put you ahead of the pack from everyone else using traditional methods.

This Digital mini-guide takes a deep dive into the details of deal techniques and pro tips to acquire a business with limited to no capital.


You’ll also learn how to find businesses that are “for sale” but never on the market.

Get this Digital Book today packed with unbelievable value. People tell me this information should be priced at a 4 digit price tag or more!

Offer #2  - The System

You prefer not to have to read a book and just want to hit the ground running

With The System, you will get templates and a checklist fast tracks your acquisition journey without attending a course or reading a thick book.


  1. Mini-Guide (Offer #1)

  2. Quick Start Guide

  3. Acquisition Pro - Step by Step Checklist - see sample

  4. Letter to Potential Sellers Template

  5. Buyer's Non-Disclosure Agreement Template (NDA) - see sample

  6. Earnings Normalization Worksheet - see sample

  7. Business valuation multiples for 59 industries

  8. Financial Quick Model - see sample

  9. Financial Full Model - see sample 1 , 2

  10. Offer Letter template - see sample

  11. Offer to purchase template (OTP) - see sample

The System has been specially designed for busy people with no time to read hundreds of pages of textbooks and documentations.

If you have some basic business knowledge, you could hit the ground running tomorrow!



  • A cheat sheet to pre-qualify businesses quickly

  • A quick model to efficiently screen a deal

  • A financial model to account for debt payments and interest in future cash flow.

  • An easy to use, step by step checklist where you always know what to do at any point of the buying, financing, legal process. 


  • Optional, ad hoc paid access to my deal team once you found a business to build a financial model and deal structure for you.  

Get The System now and start your business acquisition ASAP!

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you will find the information precious and game-changing that I am extending this best-in-class money back guarantee for any of the above Acquisition Pro digital infokits. Simply fill out the contact us form and request for a refund.

A Yacht at Sea



Let's get something out of the way.

​“Why reveal and teach this valuable technique instead of keeping it to yourself?”

​Simple. After you bought your business and paid off the debt, would you rather sell the business for 3x or 6-7x earnings? Let's connect when the time comes to form a "virtual merger" that creates a larger group of companies that can be sold at a higher premium.

You are, of course, free to keep the business and run it. The choice if yours.

​But why would you want to run the business when you can just own and flip it for capital gains?

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